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Topics offered in Defensive Driving Classes in Norwich, UK

There are a number of professional driving instructors who offer defensive driving classes in Norwich, UK. To keep tabs on ever changing traffic rules and regulations, there usually tests that are specifically tailored to gauge drivers’ skills after every three years.

Defensive driving is one of the training courses that Norwich instructors offer. Here are some of the common topics/driving lessons that are covered in Defensive driving course.

Traffic Crashes

Did you know that each traffic crash has personal and social impact? Research studies show that 39% of fatal crashes are usually caused by alcoholism while over speeding only accounts for 30%. This topic aims are equipping trainees with information on how to make informed decisions on the road before responding and exercise caution at all times.

Handling Psychological Factors

Well, some of these factors are beyond control of driver. However, there are some which can be controlled such as stress, fatigue, road rage, emotional distress and many more. The instructor will show you how to maintain positive attitude while driving as well as ideas on how to increase your focus and concentration.

Safety Standards

Most of the deaths that arise from accidents can be avoided if only the passengers and drivers use safety belt properly. Other safety accessories include air bags, head rests and child safety seats. Once you enroll in defense driving classes, you will get to access information on safety standards that you should be upheld at all times.

Crash Prevention Techniques

This basically refers to some actions that you can use to prevent crashes such as identifying environmental hazards, adapting to surrounding, vehicle emergencies, accurately estimating vehicle’s stopping distance, right of way and many more.

Defensive driving is one of the best ways of protecting yourself and other road users from accidents. While taking defensive driving lessons or course, it is important to listen carefully to what instructor directs you to do and follow instructions.