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Sunday , 19, October 2014 Comments Off on driving instructor in norwich
Driving Instructors and Lessons in Norwich, UK: Dealing With Nerves
Driving Tests, not just in Norwich but all across the UK, are unique; they are influenced not just by how you perform but the actions of other drivers on the road and even pedestrians. That is why nerves are understandable – you are not an experienced user yourself and you are facing the added challenge of what other road users will do. That said, there are things that you can do to help control the anxiety you feel before and after the test.
• Be as prepared as possible. Read up on everything that you can expect during the test so that you are not caught by surprise. There are many driving instructors who are happy to go through this with you.
• Practice your maneuvers and make sure that you know them properly. If your driving lessons are not enough get a friend or family member who has had a license for more than three years to be in the car with you as you practice. Keep in mind that it is illegal to practice on your own.
• Don’t worry so much about making small mistakes; you are allowed to make up to 15 minor mistakes in your practical test. Big mistakes are things like not stopping at a red light. Taking a wrong turn, for instance, is not going to affect your results negatively.
• Some people book just 1 class a week and hope that that will be enough to get them a pass. It is hardly sufficient. If you want to be more confident in your test pay for more driving lessons. If you cannot afford it practice with a licensed driver.
• Get to your test center early. The last minute rush is one sure way of working up your nerves.
Use these tips to help you feel less anxious on the day you take your driving test.