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Driving Instructors and Lessons in Norwich, UK: Dealing with Anxiety before the Test

The day you take your driving test is very significant; if you pass you will be joining millions of UK adults who are licensed to drive. That said, this is a difficult test and at is easy to understand why many people get jitters. If you are feeling a little bit nervous there are several things that you can do to calm yourself down before you take the test.

• Eat something small before the test. You will be using a lot of mental energy and you want to make sure that your body has enough energy to stay the course. Eat something light so that you aren’t too full. Try and make it something that is heavy in protein – that is what the body uses to generate energy.

• Think about what is making you nervous. Is it the fact that you haven’t prepared enough? Are you worried that the examiner may not like you? Are you nervous about the results of the test? If you isolate what is making you nervous you can work on it. It is important to mention, for those who are worried about the examiner, that the industry has really modernized and most examiners are pleasant people who understand that you are nervous. They will do what they can to make you feel comfortable.

• If you have herbal cures for stress relief such as lavender they are a good way to relax. Make sure to check their effects – you don’t want to be sleepy during your test.

• Practice your breathing; when you take quick, short breaths you deprive your cells of oxygen which is vital in the relaxation process. Take deep, long breaths instead. There are plenty of online videos that demonstrate breathing techniques.

Use these tips to calm yourself before you take your driving test.