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Driving Instructors and Lessons in Norwich, UK: How Do I Impress My Examiner?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to driving tests. I have done all the practice I can, I have the theory part nailed down but what if I get an examiner who doesn’t take to me? The truth is that there is no way to impress an examiner other than to do everything that your driving instructors taught you during your driving lessons.

Instructors are human beings like you and me. They come in 2 types – the quiet type who are happy just to issue instructions and watch as you execute and the chatty kind who want to talk a bit and get to know you. Whichever type you get will score you on how well you do on the test and not whether or not they like you.

You can improve your chances by making sure that you have everything that is required; you can make sure, for instance, that you have all the documents required of you. No examiner, whether the burly kind or the chatty kind will be happy if they have to wait for you to get your act in order.

There is the period between when you meet them and when you walk to your eye test and then to your car. You can test the waters at that time to see what kind of person they are and what kind of mood they are in. Start a conversation and see if they are willing to chat. If you speak once or twice and you get no response you may be better off just waiting for the instructions to come and executing them to the best of your ability. That said, all examiners are professionals and are required to judge your performance by a set of rules and not whether they like you or not.