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What You Should Expect On Your First Day of Driving Lessons in Norwich

Most learners struggle through their first driving lessons. Frustrations often result from not knowing what to expect on that first day as nerves get the best of them. Driving instructors in Norwich know this. They therefore often go out of their way to make the experience less nerve-wracking. There are several things you should expect on your first day in driving school:

Your Instructor Will Take You to a Quieter Place with Less Traffic

Driving instructors have to be confident about your driving to allow you to drive in busy streets in Norwich. Often, an instructor will take you to a residential area where there is little or no traffic. Here, the instructor will analyze how fast you are in grasping the basic driving principles. In such an environment, the driving instructors can estimate your reaction time and have an idea of how you would drive in a busy street in Noriwch.

Your Instructor Will Take You through the Cockpit Drill

The cockpit drill is an in-depth demonstration and explanation of safety procedures relating to vehicles and driving. It also includes explanations of what the levers and pedals in a car do and how to use them. The instructor will probably also show you diagrams to help you grasp the concepts faster. This drill takes around half an hour. Driving instructors usually ask the learner to operate the car’s controls with it turned off as they observe and give more instructions. You will be taught how to use and adjust car mirrors, how to identify and navigate blind spots, steering techniques, changing gears and handling brakes.

Driving lessons on the first day often do not include the learner driving the car while turned on. The first lesson is only meant to get you started by demystifying the driving myths you might have held as well as do away with the nerves’ effects.