4 day driving courses norwich

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One of the best things about taking driving lessons in Peterborough, UK is the wide variety of driving conditions available. Places like Oundle Road, Eyebury Road, Mayor’s Walk, and London Road offer great opportunities to practice driving. These regions are away from hustle and bustle of Norwich City Centre, yet not too far away.

Getting Started

You need to have a provisional driving licence before you can begin your driving lessons. There are 3 parts to passing your driving test:

• The Theory Test: The theory test involves multiple choice questions. These are usually about 35 random questions that you will be required to answer using touch screen technology. You need to get at least 30 right to pass the test.

• Hazard Perception Test: For the hazard perception test, you will be asked to review 14 one-minute video clips each showing the potential hazards that are common when driving. You should successfully identify the hazards; the faster you are able to do this, the higher your score. You need to score a minimum of 44 points out of a possible 75 to pass the Hazard Perception test.

• Practical Driving Test: The practical driving test is conducted over a 40 minute period. You will be asked to complete four basic driving maneuvers including reverse parallel park, reverse corner, turn in the road and bay park. The instructor will ask you to execute random emergency stops. Many driving instructors prefer using dual control cars so that they can help their students if they make some wrong moves.

Taking driving lessons and driving tests in Norwich, UK is not really as hard as some people make it out to be. Many students often fail to execute easy maneuvers despite having had thorough practice prior to taking the test due to nerves. But once you relax and concentrate and you will find that driving can be plenty of fun.